Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Web Site is STILL under construction ...

Well after months of trying to work the business, market the business, and create content & collateral and Network, Network, Network ... I have finally had to say "some website is better than none at all".

So although it has much (MUCH) work still to be done ... please visit and take a look around ... please tell me your thoughts. I want our site to be a comfortable place for my clients and contacts to drop in for networking, idea generation, and just to be inspired. I hope you will find many things you need in our business resource store - software that you'd be purchasing anyway should be a better value for your hard earned dollar there. I wanted to have all the Free content up before I really anounced the site - but I do not. Please bookmark us so you can watch for it. I will be putting together a page with nothing but free tools & resources that will help you run and profit from your business.

Please sign the guestbook, add yourself to our guest map and enjoy your visit. Let me know directly by email if there is particular content you are hoping to find on our site.

Here's to everyone's success - Have a fabulous week!