Monday, February 19, 2007

just a wee FYI (and appology)

For the past several days know, we've been experiencing technical difficulties!
(WOW - that's an understatement!)

Since our blog has a bit of a foundation now, we've begun tweaking to find the best style & fit for both our business and you our valued reader ... unfortunately the stars were in the wrong moons (or however that goes) and everytime we previewed a new template, or tested custome HTML it posted on us, and would not accept updates.

*Keeping as many parts of our physical selves crossed as we possibly can now* It seems that things have settled down and our site is actually appearing as per our chosen HTML.

And our appologies because our technical headaches last week drastically reduced our available time for producing content.

Today is Monday *does a little dance* and we're off to a great start! Hope you all are too.

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