Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Traffic Generators

Here you are folks ... A list of the Top Traffic Exchange Networks. Notice I call them "Networks". This is the key to success. You know this already from being a business owner: Word of mouth brings prospects to you. You are the expert in your field already, you are able to explain the benefits and make the sale ... but you must expand your network to have prospects to convert! Join one or more of the Traffic Exchanges below to build a stronger & continuous network who will Quickly begin to deliver prospects directly to your site or even to your inbox. Every one of the programs listed on this page is FREE - No strings attached. All of them have options to upgrade to paid services - THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to pay a dime to achieve results & success. The only benefit to upgrading is to your time. Once you've been surfing for a while and traffic is driving prospects to your door & you are busy working on your core business, NOW choose one or two of the traffic exchanges that have delivered the best results and go ahead - pay to upgrade. Your time is worth it! It is a business expense to write off on your taxes! And as paying for generated leads go, there aren't many programs as cheap as traffic exchanges.
Before joining any of the following traffic exchanges, you need to seriously consider what page will have the greatest impact. Remember 'surfers' are in it for themselves, they are surfing to get credits to be able to drive traffic to their own site! You only have between 15-30 seconds to make an outstanding impression. If you're not sure what will work best, joing one of the exchanges & surf for a while - you'll quickly discover on your own what a good & what a bad page looks like.
For more information on great 'Splash' pages check back soon, we'll be discussing more ideas on Web Site Development in the near future.

Top Traffic Exchanges

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